I hate that I did not post more to this blog this week. It was an okay week as far as workouts go. I got a couple five mile runs in and a bike ride. It was hard to get a good bike ride in being down in Florida. There was so much traffic and so many traffic lights that I felt like I could not get up to a good speed. When I did get up to a good pace, it didn't last because I had to stop at a light. And the roads were horrible. Road bikes don't do so well in construction zones.

The other thing I worked on was my fear of open water. Twice, I got out in the water but not to really swim but to just be out there and get used to treading in deep water. For some reason I get uneasy in deep water. I'm not sure where that comes from, I'm assuming it's just from my experience from my last triathlon. When I'd swim out to deep water, my first instinct was to immediately swim back to where I knew I could stand up. Instead, I would just tread water for a minute or so. Then I'd swim just a little further out. I noticed that I had to really concentrate on my breathing. I don't know what the big deal is. I feel like I'm way over thinking things. Maybe it's a fear of what might be lurking in the water that I may not be seeing. On the other hand, I really don't want to see anything that may be lurking in the water. Maybe I just need to dive into open water and swim.

Overall, it was not a bad week for working out. I don't feel like I made huge progress. This week, my plan is to get back to doing some speed work. I have a 10k next month that I need to complete in under 50 minutes. Being on vacation is tough when you have personal goals that you are trying to achieve. I once heard that you can undo all your hard work in just six days. Even though it may be tough, the effort is worth it in the long run. I didn't veer from my diet too much.

You all know that my diet is what attributed to a good portion of my weight loss. I made a drastic change to my diet a month ago. I did not want to say anything because I wanted to test the waters. I removed all animal product from my diet. Yes, I went plant based. It was actually a decision that I had a lot of trouble making but after some time, I decided to take the plunge and do it. I felt like it was something that can maybe push me to the next level athletically. This is what works for me. I'm not crazy about the label of being vegan. I feel like there is a connotation that comes along with that word. That, and I feel like someone could be a really unhealthy vegan (like someone that eats chips and skittles). Plant based is more descriptive of how I eat. With that being said, I feel great. I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of anything. The longer I've been on this diet, the easier it gets and I actually don't miss meat as much as I thought I would. So, even though it's something that may not be popular, I'm so glad I tried it.