Skinny, gaunt, emaciated. “Are you okay?” “Are you sick or something?” Since my weightloss transformation, these are things that I hear all the time. While, I don’t think they are the most appropriate things to tell someone, I don’t really get upset about it. This post may come off as a rant but I just want to let everyone know how I feel about this.

These comments don’t bother me all that much because I know that I’m healthy and that’s what matters most. Many do not agree with the way I eat but it’s what I choose to eat. I choose to be healthy. I choose quality of life. I spent the majority of my life sick and overweight. I was taking medicine to treat one thing but causing many other health problems. It was a domino effect.

At my yearly physical, all my tests came back great. Just a few years ago my cholesterol was at 200. At that time, I was ecstatic that it wasn’t any higher. I always told myself that I was the healthiest fat person you ever met. Looking back, that was probably the biggest lie I ever told myself. My cholesterol is now down to 116. I am a negative risk factor for heart disease. The only thing that i’m slightly low on is my vitamin D, which is due to my Celiac Disease.


I also get a lot flack for my diet. Apparently being a vegan is not manly. I tend to think that not being there for my kids in the future is not the manly thing to do. I want to reduce the risk of as many health problems as I can so I can enjoy life with my children for as I can. There are people that want to argue with me as to why I should eat meat or, even better, the reasons for why they eat meat. Every single conversation ends with “Well, I’m a carnivore.” Just about all these conversations are started by the other person. I’ve had trainees at work ride around for a week before they even figured out that I don’t meat. This is a personal choice of mine and I benefit greatly from being on this type of diet.

I want to thank everyone for following my blog and my social media pages. I really do appreciate every single person on here. I just want to tell everyone that I’m doing great. I want to encourage everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Find something that works for you. Set small, short term goals and crush them.


Accidentally Skinny. Purposefully Healthy.