I'm not really sure where to start this week. My training has been really up and down over the past few weeks. I'll go through spurts when I'm doing good and really on track. And then then it's like I'll fall off the wagon.

We took the family to Disney World last week. While I didn't get a ton of actual training in, I did train. I also walked between five and seven miles in the park. I was able to swim laps in the pool that we had at the house. It may not have been stellar training BUT I did get it in.

As I'm getting closer to my race, I'm actually feeling a little more and more nervous about the open water swim. I don't train in open water and something about that has me slightly freaked out. I don't really know why. I'm even considering switching races to one that takes place at a lake, instead of the ocean.

With all that being said, this is pushing me to set some goals for this week. Like I've stated before, I'm not a morning person. I usually squeeze in a run at lunch or maybe when I get home from work. With my wife working so many days in a row, that's been really hard. My goal is to wake up at least an hour before she leaves, to get a run in. It worked this morning. I woke up at 3:45, ran 3 miles and got back before my wife had to leave.

The next thing I'm going to do is look into getting a swim coach. Even if it's only for a few sessions. I'd like to get out into some open water. The swimming itself doesn't scare me, it's just something about being out in open water.

While this post may be less than motivating, I wanted to let everyone know how my training was going. I want to be real with everyone about my struggles. Having four kids, all under the age of eight, and a wife that works a schedule opposite of mine would make it very easy for me make excuses. That's not something I'm going to settle for. Running a half iron triathlon is a dream of mine and I will make it happen. This is the point where I have to change things. I have to adjust to accomplish my goals. Life is not going to adjust to me. And not doing is not an option.